Lorraine's Story




Associate Director, Stella & Dot, UK

Lorraine was a normal mother of three until one day 6 years ago when she received devastating news. Two of her children were diagnosed with a life degenerating condition the would result in a shortened life expectancy and a lot of uncertainty. 

Lorraine found out about a treatment trial that could prolong her children's quality of life and began ferrying the kids 300 miles a week for two years to be part of a drug trial. After 2 years, the drug was approved for use globally with the exception of Scotland, where she and her children lived.

Faced with fear of her children’s regression, Lorraine stopped everything a decided to fight for her children’s right to access the life-changing drug. Through social media,  the press and working with politicians, she took the Scottish Medical Consortium to court to fight for her children’s right to have access to the drug. Through her unwavering energy, determination and drive, she managed to single-handily overturn the ruling and in the process change her children’s future for the better.  The people of Scotland now have access to the medication and treatment they need because she fought to be heard on their behalf. 

Having a home-based flexible business enabled Lorraine to give everything to this cause. While fighting for her children’s lives, Lorraine was still able to contribute to her household income and stability.

What makes you ordinary?

Is having a work life balance, being a mum to my three children, helping them with their ordinary life, helps me lead an ordinary life.

What makes you extraordinary?

The people I have around me, my amazing Stella and Dot team, my family… the combination of all of these people and the support and never ending love for us! Makes me extraordinary… but I’m not extraordinary. I have an amazing family and the strength of these women gives me strength to be to be extraordinary.

What obstacles did you find in your path?

The biggest obstacle was the uncertain future thrown in our laps out of the blue! And then it was how we dealt with it as a family. We grieved. We hoped. We found solutions and we move forward and continue to fight to keep them as healthy as possible and give us ordinary every day.

Which ‘P’ did you use to create the Extra to your ordinary?

Perseverance in the face of being told it isn’t possible.

What did you learn? 

That I’m stronger than I ever thought I could, but I have also have learnt that you can’t do it alone. You need the support and love of others.

How do you pass it on? 

I think I’m learning from my children, they are so resilient and continue no matter how tired, how exhausted and how frustrated they are, they keep going. We find strength as a family and with each other.

Guiltless pleasure: 

HOOPLA. Forgetting about the ordinary for a few hours …Girls together.. Dressing up.. Time for me. Fun. Social and great learning.