Danielle's Story





Vice President of Training, Stella & Dot

At the age of 24, Danielle found herself married to her high school sweetheart with two young children and crying hysterically over the kitchen sink. She recognized she was not happy in her life and wanted to create a brighter, more independent, bigger life for herself and her children. With little training but a lot of spirit, she embarked on a twenty-year career driven by determination that would lead her to eventually become the VP of Global Training at Stella & Dot.

What makes you ordinary?    
I grew up in the smallest, most ordinary place you can possibly imagine in rural Ontario, Canada where most of the people in my town were dead. (As in cemetery.  No joke).

What makes you extraordinary?
An unbending drive to impact as many women as I could with what I learned there.    

What obstacles did you find in your path?    
Decisions.  Once I figured out that indecision is the only obstacle, continually moving forward became simple.


Which ‘P’ did you use to create the Extra to your ordinary?  
Path.  Never say no to a new one that your gut knows is right for you. Never say yes to one that stinks.

What did you learn?
Most people don’t succeed because they don’t try & think small because they are scared.  If you WANT it so much you can feel it, and you feel it more than you fear it, there’s nothing you can’t do.  Let your cute self FEEL it.

How do you pass it on?
Leave people feeling better than when you meet them by just asking “why do you want that?”, “why small - don’t you want more?’  and “how will it feel when you do it?”



Favorite quote:  
“Decide what to be, and go be it”  - Avett Brothers

Guiltless pleasure:  
Drums.  Jumpsuits.  Fashion.  Cats.  Richard B. Wright Novels. Canadiana. Sometimes simultaneously.


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